There have been 921 changes to date.
8 08/08/2005 Added new command "radio"
7 08/08/2005 Added new method which is a Recursive Path Finder for Radios.
6 08/08/2005 Re-worked the way Abit/Qbits and Nicknames allocated/de-allocated.
5 08/07/2005 Added new if-checks for nicknames, hasnickname and hascurrnickname.
4 08/07/2005 Lights no longer will run out.
3 08/06/2005 Made Max HP 2,500.
2 08/06/2005 New Changes will now be displayed here and not help changes4
1 08/06/2005 Added (Ported too) Xkilla's Addchanges snippet.
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