There have been 1357 changes to date.
1357 12/01/2023 Increased the maximum Player Activity Bonus contribution a player can provide.
1356 12/01/2023 Sacrifice has the possiblity of rewarding 1% HP, Stamina, or Chakra recovery.
1355 12/01/2023 The Immortal raiders (Anniversary raiders) give boosted EXP.
1354 12/01/2023 Anniversary Event: Special Raids of the Immortals has begun! Use "raids raze" command to destroy their foul shrines. All shrines have to be destroyed to finish this special raid.
1353 12/01/2023 Anniversary Event Bonus: Immortals count towards the Player Activity Bonus.
1352 11/30/2023 Added new Legendary Aspect: Speed Reader. See command: merit aspects for more info.
1351 11/30/2023 Guni now boosts dodge chance while forming handseals.
1350 11/30/2023 Dodge chance slightly boosted by the following skills: Mastery, Genki, and Chikara.
1349 11/30/2023 AC now boosts dodge chance more.
1348 11/30/2023 Fixed bug with dodge where low AC could benefit the same as a higher AC.
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