There have been 1562 changes to date.
1562 07/10/2024 Fixed issue where clones wouldn't send CHA LSC back to their creator properly.
1561 07/10/2024 Fixed bug with Unranked raids not spawning shrines in cultist raids.
1560 07/10/2024 Adjusted the rate function in Chakramold to make it easier for players with 1k+ Chakra to successfully do it.
1559 07/07/2024 Fixed issue with the room selection algorithm used for missions, Hidden Bases, and a lot of other places so that it correctly can pull in all available rooms. Players should notice a lot more variety of rooms now for mission requests and similar features.
1558 07/06/2024 Reworked Dynamic Entry, it no longer requires a direction and can also attack targets in the same room. Help dynamic entry for more info.
1557 07/06/2024 Fixed issue where Hidden Bases could spawn in rooms with raids already.
1556 07/06/2024 Fixed bug where 'Chakra Kyuuin' and 'Chakra no Mesu' were only being learned on failure
1555 07/06/2024 Fixed damage message for chakra damage where it was reporting backwards
1554 07/05/2024 Raid channel off by default for newbies, turns on when a player becomes deadly.
1553 07/05/2024 Botcheck off by default for Newbies to return one day as something else!
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