There have been 1502 changes to date.
1502 05/14/2024 Player files automatically now save every 15 minutes.
1501 05/14/2024 Increased the editor buffer dramatically.
1500 05/12/2024 Updated builder command setmission to allow mission titles to be changed.
1499 05/11/2024 Chiyute, Shousen, and Hone Tsukurou give exp when healing.
1498 05/09/2024 A reboot (automatic or triggered manually) will cause all raids to end.
1497 05/09/2024 Updated the commands command to be a little easier to read and have more functionality, including a fuzzy search option.
1496 05/09/2024 Fixed unlock condition for Road to Jounin. Genin players shouldn't see it show up until they hit Chuunin.
1495 05/07/2024 Myth skill scrolls are capped at 2 Myth Point skills or less.
1494 05/07/2024 Added new raid type: Free the Hostages. The objective is to free all hostages to clear the raid.
1493 05/07/2024 Fixed changes range functionality where the low value wasn't being used.
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