Welcome to the webpage of NarutoMUD, one of the first Naruto themed MUDs in existence!

We pride ourselves on serving up quality Naruto-style action with a lot of twists that will keep you entertained for hours and hours!

Don't know what NarutoMUD is?

Don't have any idea what this NarutoMUD thing is? Check out our "FAQ" tab!

Features of this site:

If you're already a player of NarutoMUD, you probably know what you're here for, otherwise, what sort of cool stuff can you find here? Glad you asked.

  • Real time change logs to keep current with changes to the game!
  • Access to our full helpfile database!
  • Access to our forum which provides tons of cool features, such as:
    • Maps and guides!
    • Area for players to express their ideas for the game!
    • Places to chat with players outside of NarutoMUD!
    • Review the game and read other reviews of NarutoMUD!
    • Post or view people's creations: poems, images and more!
    • So much more!
  • Ability to view skills for all villages!
  • Real time Arena rankings

All this and more! If you like our website, the MUD is at least 2x more fun!
Check us out at narutofor.us port 4545 or join us on Discord to chat!!

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