There have been 921 changes to date.
911 01/14/2021 The botcheck questions not only trigger once a player is level 10 or higher, can still be turned off with config -botcheck.
910 01/13/2021 Adjusted the default chanhistory to 10 instead of 100.
909 01/13/2021 Restored Japanese name bonus for EXP (20% boost).
908 01/12/2021 Titles can now be set regardless of being rpauth'd. Must just be level 10.
907 01/12/2021 Fixed issue with game not posting to Twitter properly.
906 08/31/2015 A new high level area, Atsusugi Temple, has been added in the desert! This area brought to you by Nakamura.
905 05/25/2014 Atsusugi Desert has been added to the east of Hitokurou Village
904 05/14/2014 Tsuru Style katas are now fully implemented.
903 05/06/2014 Panda Style katas are now fully implemented.
902 05/03/2014 Hebi katas are now implemented
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