There have been 921 changes to date.
921 01/28/2021 Discord Bot won't spam the connection log when trying to send info to the MUD.
920 01/28/2021 Updated Discord Bot and the MUD so that the 'who' command shows active Discord users in addition to game players.
919 01/25/2021 Tweaked the formula for how much weight a ninja can throw to be (str - 4)/2 lbs.
918 01/21/2021 Discord OOC messages now show up in chanhistory OOC log.
917 01/18/2021 Updated Twitter code to allow 280 length character tweets instead of artificially capping things at 140 characters, per a 2018 Twitter change that raised tweet length.
916 01/18/2021 Updated health, chakra, stamina regeneration to get a boost by combat level. Chakra regen is also boosted by Ninjutsu and Genjutsu level. Stamina boosted by Taijutsu and Ningu level.
915 01/18/2021 Boosted Fukutsu skill to make it more useful.
914 01/18/2021 Integrated Discord general chat into the game. Now Discord users will post on OOC here and visa-versa!
913 01/18/2021 Swapped gboard message to point to Discord server:
912 01/17/2021 Added fail-safe for the Japanese name generator
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