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In the Hidden Cloud Village walk ninja who are revered as holy as temples.
A Kensei ("Sword Saint") is not a term carried lightly or given to someone
hastily. These are not sword masters, but even beyond that. So much so,
that the very term Kensei had to be coined to define them. A Kensei has
mastered the use of a sword to a degree that is almost other-worldly.
This skill makes the user do a great increase to damage and great cost
reduction to stamina use and the ability to deflect any thrown object at
them. However, a Kensei isn't just a mere ability, but a lifestyle. The
weight of a Kensei is great and everyone is marked for death. A Kensei who
flees or uses Kawarimi to escape combat pays a heavy, heavy loss to
experience, making it better to die then run. For this reason, it isn't
uncommon for commonors of Hidden Cloud to pray when a Kensei walks by.
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