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Bunshin is Japanese for "Doppleganger". The skills: Mizu Bunshin, Suna
Bunshin and Kage Bunshin all create a clone of the user in some way. Each
is slightly unique for its own reasons however!

Bunshin: This is a pure Genjutsu ability. It tricks the victim into seeing
copies of their opponent that don't exist. All attacks that happen to land
on that Bunshin do no damage to the creator of the Bunshin, as there is no
real target there.

Mizu Bunshin: Takes after the "Ninjutsu/Genjutsu Attributes" of the user.
Also, because this clone is made out of water, it needs no special water
source to launch water-based attacks.
Suna Bunshin: Takes after the "Taijutsu Attributes" of the user. This clone
has a weaker capacity for Chakra use, but is very powerful and is almost as
good as the user in terms of Taijutsu!
Kage Bunshin: This clone is a direct copy of the user. The Chakra penalty
is high for doing the Kage Bunshin and they can't take even one hit, but
this clone is an exact replica of the original, making it the most powerful
for launching quick attacks!
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