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What does your blood type mean?

A common superstition in Japan is that blood type is an indicator of a person's
personality; similar to the Western belief in the Signs of the Zodiac (the
Zodiac custom is also popular in Japan).

This custom is said to have started when some doctors in Japan made a medical
report stating that people with Type A Blood were generally mild-tempered and
intellectual, while people with Type B Blood were just the opposite. Today in
Japan, blood type is popularly used as a personality-type indicator. Even
though it hasn't been proven to have any scientific basis, many Japanese people
believe in these distinctions to one degree or another.
Furukawa Takeji (1891-1940) proposed the theory on the relation between blood
types and temperament. During the late Taisho -- early Showa period (1920s).
There are three facts that were found especially interesting and informative.

(1) Furukawa majored in experimental education at university, and upon his
employment at a women's high school, he worked in its administration office. He
came to believe there that temperamental differences of applicants were
responsible for the failure of predicting school performance from results of
entrance examination.

(2) He thought that human temperament was so simple that a theory needed to
consider only two temperament types.

(3) He was from a family of many doctors, and was familiar with blood type,
which was the newest physiological discovery of the day.
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