The Dragon of the Sand.

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The Dragon of the Sand.

Postby seikei » Sat Jul 26, 2014 1:49 pm

Characters In RP: Seikei

- Seikei is running through the forest when he encounders a Riyoku Assassination Ninja.-

The Assassination Ninja looks at Seikei and shakes his head, "Well well, if it isn't the Dragon of the Sand. You got a high price on your head in the Bingo Book."

Seikei grins at the Ninja and moves into battle position, "How about you try and claim it then, that is..if you think you're up to it."

The Assassination Ninja lunches at Seikei, a kunai in his hand and swings it at Seikei. Seikei quickly blocks it with hid Dadao, and launches a high-jump kick at the Ninja, catching him square in the jaw.

The Assassination Ninja stumbles back and whipes a line of blood from his lip before saying to Seikei "Now you're gonna get it. The Assassination Ninja whistles loudly, and two others drop from the trees, coming to join him.

One of the Ninjas launches a shuriken at Seikei while the other two rush him, Seikei barely has enough time to dodge the shuriken befor being caught with a left hook from one of the other ninjas.

Seikei drops back and pulls out a bottle of Sake. He grinks at the ninjas, then pops the cork on the top and starts guzzling it. When Seikei finishes the Sake, he drops the bottle and starts stumbling around. "That's the good stuff." He says before Hiccuping.

Siekei stumbles into the Suiken stance, putting his hands infront of him and drunkenly says. "You're g-gonna get it now!" He rushes at the Ninjas, dodging and evading their attacks with rubber like flexibility. "KONOHA SENPUU!!!!!! Seikei yells, as he jumps in the are, spinning and unleashing a devastating kick to all of the ninjas, knocking them back.

One of the ninjas took the brunt of the the kick, and lays on the ground unconscious as the other two rush Seikei. One of the Ninjas punch Seikei square in the jaw, but Seikei grins and grabs his arm. In one motion, Seikei spins the Ninja around and tosses him right into the other one. Leaving them both unconscious.

"ANYONE ELSE!" Seikei yells loudly, before falling on his back and closing his eyes, smiling and humming to himself. He opens his eyes and looks to the sky, wondering what adventures tomorrow may hold for him.
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