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Review/Ideas for improvement

Postby Xandrac » Tue Jun 10, 2014 7:25 pm

My ideas below are just ideas from my observations of things.

More missions that are based upon level rather than having a set few missions that are specific to dauntingly high level requirements.

Current mission rules. Now I get that for items that are designed to be extremely rare and generally unreplaceable you don't want them to be flying around the mud like candy. Missions with rewards like that need to be kept a secret at all costs. However, missions that are one's that just have simply money rewards or replicable item rewards shouldn't be kept under lock and key. Especially since there's no way to even get hints to a quest so for all if know I’m 71 and skipped 25 meh quests that would netted me least some starting gold or some halfway decent gear.

Assist modes - Allowing higher level players to help lower level players by lowering high level toons stats to be on pair with lower toons.

Sparring - an alternate way to level at a slightly slower rate than killing mobs. If mobs give 100% xp sparring gives 50% or whatever %.

Taijutsu - For every 10 ranks of taijutsu a person has they gain some dmg/hitroll to improve their autoattacks. At a rate that would be lower than weapons but higher than autoattack for ninjutsu/gentsu users.

LSC - I'm going to start out with saying that I love the idea of LSC I just feel it could be improved.

Part 1- Allow lsc to provide xp using the sparring example if mobs do 100% lsc does 5% per action or 1% even. This makes it so LSC isn't a one trick pony. Now I know in the long run LSC is amazing I don't deny that but it’s still forcing people to choose levels or stats and if you grant a small amount of xp at least it feels slightly more accomplishing like you aren't totally just doing nothing. Especially because of how long it takes to level a single stat.

Part 2- Instead of giving xp another thing to do here is simply make this faster. I know you want this to take a long time however the length at which it takes is daunting and makes it difficult to want to do it. Just to get 1 stat for most stats it takes several hours to do. This is way too long even despite its amazing perks it’s not enough.

Alright this was brought up before and before you tell me what if linked below is useless I have no idea if it’s worth anything or not I look at that as a collaboration of crap if don't understand loll. But I looked around for any analyze code that if could find (Analyze items via shops) and I found this. So maybe that will help but this is definitely needed. You really don't buy an item without having some idea of what it does. Even in days long ago if you wanted a sword you didn't see a list that said "sword" and said "i want the sword" without first seeing the sword. :P

Alright this next one is going to get a ton of negative attention /BUT/ I feel like this is something that is really needed for the way things are right now. Now I can see in larger population muds that actual in game roleplaying is a better and more realistic option and if this game had 10+ people I wouldn't even bother recommending this. However as it stands the most I’ve seen on at any given time hasn't been more than 10 people.

Roleplaying Channel - What this would do is allow people to go about their normal game routines but still allow them to role play during downtimes. I know what most people are going to say about this.
"How can you role-play with other people without being in the same room"
I say that for now instead of needing to be in the same room we can simply RP as though we were in the same room.

"What would be the point of this?"
Would help reinvigorate RPing which I have no idea how active it is but it might make it more active and more inciting to be able to continue with normal activities and RP in down times.

I am sure people can come up with other negatives of which i would be more than happy to answer again I feel this would benefit the whole.

One last change that I feel would be a major improvement to the quality of the MUD. If a mob nets xp, let it give xp at a straight amount regardless of level difference. If an area has mobs that give xp they should be the same level. As my level stands now i can go fight Tired Rikyoku Ninja's, the Ninja's with the assassins but not the assassins? That leaves me with needing to fight the bandits who only 5 or 6 of which exist and take 5-10 minute's to respawn and die in 3 or 4 rounds so I’m lucky to get 300k to 500k xp which i require 12mil xp to level. So I’m looking at several hours per level. I get this at higher levels when you are nearing the cap. I don't expect to get to 300 in a month. In fact I could see 250-300 taking 2 months but really don't want to slow things down to a crawl. This can be discouraging to new players or semi-new players. You want a slowdown point but you don't want that to be at 75 or 80 when the max level is 300.

I know I’m new here and I know my ideas sound extreme but truth is, this is the only true Naruto MUD out there that’s worth anything. I enjoy the company of the people who play here and just think this is the best place to be right now. I just want to see more people coming in but more important I want to see those people staying because they are enjoying themselves and aren't feeling overwhelmed by things that need minor tweaking in their eyes.

Anyway just wanted to share my thoughts on what I've noticed again my ideas are just ideas and if they suck don't be afraid to come out and say they suck. Though reasoning why they suck would help cause maybe just maybe I can convert you onto the idea. ;) :P
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