Hidden Sand Village

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Hidden Sand Village

Postby Hazamishi » Sun Feb 05, 2012 8:26 am

I'm not exactly sure whether or not to put this into the "skills" sub-forum, because it mostly has to do with skills for people from this village, but... you can move it if it's necessary. Also, I meant to bring this up tonight at the meeting, but I forgot... :?

I personally feel that the Sand village on NarutoMUD was a bit of a... half-assed attempt (forgive me on this) in regards to the skills you can learn as a character from it. This mostly stems from the fact that there are only... four village specific skills and three misplaced skills. I can understand the two taijutsu skills, sunaarashi (only because it technically would call on the wind element [which is basically the sand villages main element from what it seems]) and the original onibi genjutsu. What I -don't- understand is the goukakyuu, kajiheki, and suna bunshin.

I think if we're going to stick with the whole "x element belongs to x village," we need to flesh out the skills for each village a little bit more, starting with the sand village. The ninja from here use mostly wind elemental skills (mostly in ninjutsu, but they could augment taijutsu) and puppets (which would fall under ningu, I think).

Suna bunshin should be removed from the skill tree of every village that has it, honestly. Only Gaara was able to use it, and Gaara could only use it because of the One Tail Beast. Since no one has Shukaku inside of them in the game, I don't think it should be used. While I understand it is probably in the be more of a balance thing, I think it should just be replaced with a simple bunshin technique (which should be moved from genjutsu into ninjutsu, since it's a ninjutsu skill >_>) for this village.

As for wind elemental skills, I've compiled a few that could be added in older posts from back in the day somewhere on the forum. I know you want them to be as unique as possible, but I think adding some skills that are really just small tweaks throughout the 100 levels of ninjutsu would bring some more flavor to the mud. Maybe add some bonuses to them so that when you're teamed up with a leaf ninja (like how they have stronger ties and stuff, I guess) and you both do say, goukakyuu and daitoppa (which is basically a big powerful gust of air) at the same time to form a more intense fireball that does a big amount of AoE damage.

I think I want to add more to this, but my brain is getting s p a c e y with my lack of sleep. FEEL FREE TO COMMENT AND ADD AND STUFF.
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Re: Hidden Sand Village

Postby Hakai » Mon Feb 06, 2012 4:21 pm

Hazamishi wrote:Suna bunshin should be removed from the skill tree of every village that has it, honestly. Only Gaara was able to use it, and Gaara could only use it because of the One Tail Beast.

Actually in the anime Sasori used it once, but it didn't seem to work the same way and it was destroyed after one hit.
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Re: Hidden Sand Village

Postby Gatz » Mon Feb 06, 2012 4:30 pm

Well, I'm all for giving Sand more Ninjutsu based around Wind, but I think they could keep their Suna Bunshin. Since this is for an established Village, do you think it'd make sense to just put this in skills and divide up the ideas or does Sand really need a whole thread to just making them more interesting?
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