Ningu ideas

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Ningu ideas

Postby Matsu » Fri Dec 24, 2010 9:16 pm

Ningu seems cool as it is but it also seems like it could use some further improvement. My suggestion to this effect would be to add things such as a skill to make and use paperbombs, Puppets, insects, animals, food pills, and use poisons. The way i see it you only find a few puppet users in naruto and so far they've all been in sand but that's limited, instead of limiting things like puppets and insects to a village give each village it's own variations like was done with the bunshin ninjutsu. ideas for food pills would be simple and help lead to a player economy, making foodpills and poisons should be a specialty skill like Suiken in that you have to meet very specific critera to have access to the skills to make them and a quest to learn them. However they should also have drawbacks to their user.. taking more then three food pills in a fight should drain health overtime to the user to the point of death. so while it'd have amazing properties and could heal you completely after one use.. if you use it two more times within a set period of time you will regret it, allthough that third pill should give a boost to damroll and accuracy.. but meh
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Re: Ningu ideas

Postby Gatz » Sat Dec 25, 2010 9:50 am

Cool idea, we have some threads going already for some of these. I'd love to see those expounded upon there. I think puppets and stuff would be cool.
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