Experience Bonuses based on Activity

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Experience Bonuses based on Activity

Postby Gatz » Wed May 12, 2010 2:33 pm

I remember one of the big draws of WoW was that it had a feature so casual players could level up, where if you hadn't been on in awhile, it'd give you some bonus experience. Would this work for NarutoMUD and would players feel like this was far? I could see maybe doing for every day you're inactive, you gain a bonus 5% experience until you hit X amount of expeirence. So, to break down the bonuses in examples:

1 Day = 5% or 5 extra experience per 100 earned.
1 Week = 7 Days = 35%
1 month = Approx. 4 weeks = ~140% or an extra 135 experience per 100 earned.

And just for the craziest example
1 year = 12 month = 52 weeks = 365 Days = 1825% or 1,825 extra experience per 100 earned.

I doubt I'd let the bonus get that high, I might cap it at 500%, but the bonus would only last until you earned a certain amount of experience. Let's say...your TNL experience cost times each day you didn't play? Still feels a bit too easy, but the idea is would this even be far or does this even make sense for us? We've been adding experience bonuses in a lot the past year, and I think a lot of them are great, namely the more hours you have the bigger the experience bonus being my favorite.

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Re: Experience Bonuses based on Activity

Postby Yamashita » Tue May 18, 2010 2:39 pm

I think that this could be a decent way to get players coming back a little more often, because they wouldn't fell like they were terribly far behind other players due to the xp boost, but I also worry that giving too much of an incentive will deter people from playing regularly.
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