NarutoMUD Timeline in Naruto?

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NarutoMUD Timeline in Naruto?

Postby Gatz » Fri Apr 23, 2010 3:08 pm

I've been thinking about where NarutoMUD fits in the timeline of Naruto. Originally, NarutoMUD was going to basically land at the end of Naruto, but with how much action and changes are occurring I have been second guessing that and wondering if the MUD should take place during the time skip with the following details:

Shikamaru is a Chuunin.
Neji is a Jounin.
Gaara is Kazekage.
Naruto is traveling with Jiraiya.
All members of Akatsuki are alive and well.
Orochimaru is training Sasuke.
All Jinchuuriki who are not captured prior to the time skip are alive and well.

This would let us have a lot of fun NPCs to play with and a lions share of areas without worry of an area being destroyed or not. I'm thinking Orochimaru hide outs to sprinkle around, and places like Hidden Rain village to sneak around and explore.

Please no anime spoilers. Please look up where the Japanese Anime is if you only read the manga before posting info about possibly putting NarutoMUD in a late Naruto time.
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Re: NarutoMUD Timeline in Naruto?

Postby Kiir » Sun Apr 25, 2010 9:49 am

It seems like the best place to put it, since there's a much less chance (but still some) that things will change from where we're set. The only problem I see with this is if there are any -new- skills that appear during the anime. If a character developed it some time after the timeskip, it wouldn't make much sense to have the skill available.
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