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Shop Talk

Postby Tefukitoji » Sat May 26, 2012 6:57 pm

Shopping commands;
To show a merchants available wares
buy #
ex. buy #1
will buy the first item from the list command

Kouin General Store:

A Pair of Cloth Handwraps
Weight:1 Value:4
Armor class:5

A Small Rusty Kunai
Weight:1 Value:3

A Fine Shinai
Weight:1 Value:2

A Smooth Wooden Staff
Weight:1 Value:5

A Poor Throwing Kunai
Weight:1 Value:5

A Small Throwing Kunai
Weight:1 Value:15

Kouin Clothing:

A Reed-Woven Pair Of Pants
Weight:1 Value:4
Armor class:2

A Reed-Woven Shirt
Weight:1 Value:4
Armor class:5

A Pair Of Reed-Woven Sandals
Weight:1 Value:4
Armor class:5

A Reed-Woven Hat
Weight:1 Value:4
Armor class:2

A Reed-Woven Belt
Weight:1 Value:4
Armor class:5

A Reed-Woven Jacket
Weight:1 Value:4
Armor class:4

Western Island-Shellz 'n Bellz:

A Rusty Kusarigama
Weight:1 Value:12

A Simple Wooden Helmet
Weight:1 Value:5
Armor class:4
Affects hit roll by -2

A Common, Iron Katana
Weight:1 Value:14
Damage 4-8(6avg)

A Pair Of Sturdy Leather Gloves
Weight:1 Value:4
Armor class:2

A Black Fishnet Shirt
Weight:1 Value:30
Armor class:1

A Thick Wooden Breastplate
Weight:1 Value:8
Armor class:10
Affects dodge by -15

A Chipped Naginata
Weight:1 Value:17
Damage 5-15(10avg)
Affects dodge by -10

Large Tortoise Shell Shield
Weight:15 Value:25
Armor class:7

A Black Fishnet Dress
Weight:1 Value:35
Armor class:1

This was originally meant to be apart of something bigger but as the only part close to being finished before my seppuku I decided to share it with the hopes that it will help at least one person.
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