There have been 906 changes to date.
896 03/20/2012 Added in the ability to learn Myth Skills. The command is Myth. Help Myth for more info.
895 03/20/2012 Max Trains lowered to 50 in preperation for more LSC and Myth.
894 03/19/2012 Arena matches where both players are from the same IP are always non-ranked.
893 03/19/2012 The base system for Myth is in, players will begin to earn Myth points. However, the skill side is still a work in progress.
892 03/19/2012 Advance Gatz age by 1, now 27.
891 03/17/2012 Added Sasaki Clan Hall Area, which was done by the clan members Ichiro and Isamu.
890 03/12/2012 Let Mist also get the Ningu skills Kensei and Kenjutsu.
889 03/11/2012 Added Cloud exclusive Ninjutsu, Kangekiha. Help Kangekiha for more information.
888 03/10/2012 Added new Taijutsu for Cloud, Lariat. Help Lariat for more info.
887 03/09/2012 Fixed a bug that prevented experience lost via death from removing the actual experience.
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