There have been 906 changes to date.
906 08/31/2015 A new high level area, Atsusugi Temple, has been added in the desert! This area brought to you by Nakamura.
905 05/25/2014 Atsusugi Desert has been added to the east of Hitokurou Village
904 05/14/2014 Tsuru Style katas are now fully implemented.
903 05/06/2014 Panda Style katas are now fully implemented.
902 05/03/2014 Hebi katas are now implemented
901 06/27/2013 Cleared out the forums a bit (of spambots and spam posts).
900 05/06/2012 Fixed a silly typo that made it so under the right conditions, LSC converting to experience would give you 50% of the experience needing to level, instead of 5%.
899 05/04/2012 A new area has opened on the west island, courtesy of Gaikotsu
898 03/27/2012 Greatly raised the bonus amount of experience given by each group member when grouped.
897 03/21/2012 Player's Myth Skills show up when they type practice now.
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